Body sugaring

Natural and safe way to remove body hair

About body sugaring and how it works

Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal, a manual technique that has been practiced through the centuries by Egyptian women.

Sugar paste is massaged into the skin by hand at lukewarm temperature. It is environmentally safe and is the purest and most natural way to remove unwanted hair for today’s women and men.

It is a safe process as all the ingredients used are natural and are devoid of harsh chemicals.

Professional Body Sugaring Skin Epilation is a gentle, safe and effective solution to hair extraction for women, men and children. Advanced Body Sugaring Epilation offers numerous unique and diverse benefits.

Alexandria Professional is about excellence in hair removal. It is about reaching optimum results for your personal hair growth situation.


Alexandria Professional Sugaring Formulas are 100% natural

Sugar Pastes do not stick to live skin cells

Body Sugaring extracts even shorter hair

Body Sugaring won’t break hairs

Sugar is easy to clean up

Advanced Sugaring Treatments are economical

AP Sugar Pastes are 100% water-soluble

Body Sugaring promotes healthy skin

Sugaring paste is never hot so it will never burn

Skin stays smoother for a longer period

The Alexandria Sugar Pastes are 100% hygienic

Repeated treatment leads to permanency

Alexandria Professional’s Pre & After Care System is very effective

Brand Recognition

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Have a healthy and smoother body without unwanted hair. Sugaring is also hypoallergenic. In simple words it will not provoke an allergic reaction. It is safe and ideal for sensitive skin. Our professional team will suggest individual treatment after procedure which works best for you.