Eyelash Extensions

Safe application
Non-toxic & hypoallergenic materials
Certified technicians
Last up to 6 weeks
Different volume options (full, glamour, dramatic)
Customized curl, thickness for every client
You will forget about using mascara

Eyelash extensions with new technology “Ultra HD lashes”. The eyelashes are resistant to sunlight, water, sweat, tears. You can shower, swim, enjoy the sun and do anything you like without worrying that they going to fall out. Perfectly applied eyelashes extensions will improve overall appearance but can also worsen it if they are not done by a perfectionist. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best salon with highly skilled technicians who use high quality materials and devote extra attention and time for every client to create high quality eyelashes.


Ziedune’s beauty studio offers 3 types of eyelash extensions with over 10 different design effects:

  • cat eye,
  • doll,
  • squirrel,
  • natural,
  • red carper ready,
  • and more.

Before the procedure, our skillful technicians will listen to customer’s requests and suggest the best, customized shape, volume and length for each client. We will choose custom lashes by thickness, curl, length and color to create the best volume effect.

Ziedune’s beauty studio uses feather light – absolutely safe for natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Gallery